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Anarchist Conferences and Gatherings


Upcoming: The next continental anarchist gathering is likely to be in Melbourne in 2005, although there is a State of Emergency conference in Melbourne 22-23 May 2004, and an Oceania Indymedia conference planned for July 2004 in Melbourne.

2004 Anarcon 04, Anarchist and Autonomist Conference, Perth, was held over the Invasion Day weekend in January 2004.

2003 Anarchy for Life, Anarchist and Autonomist Conference, Brisbane, was held on 3-4 May 2003, while an Anarchist Teaparty National Symposium attended by 70 people was held across the Tasman in December 2003 at Marama-iti near Wanganui, Aotearoa.

2002 From Resurgence to Insurgence. Sydney Anarchist & Autonomist Conference held on 27-28 April.

2001 - Conferences and gatherings in Melbourne in April, Sydney in July, Wollongong in August, and Christchurch (Aotearoa) in October. Workshop lists, debates on autonomism, banners....these conferences illuminate the diversity and growth in the libertarian movement in Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Conferences since 1975

These are the major anarchist gatherings in Australia. I have defined these as 'anarchist' not only by the organisers identification with anarchism, but also their substantive content. The 1984 and Social Control (1984), Beyond Social Control (1989) and Visions of Freedom (1995) conferences were not organised as explicit anarchist conferences, although their content was predominantly from a libertarian viewpoint. For all links to information not on I have given the full URL.

1975 Jan Sydney Anarchist Conference

Some Commentary - Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981

1975 Oct Anarchist Feminist Conference (Canberra)

Paper: The Question is not 'Organisation or no organisation?' but 'what sort of organisation?'

1976 June Melbourne Anarchist Conference

Commentary: The Split - the Monash Anarchist Perspective
Some Commentary - Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981

1977 Jan Brisbane anarchist jamboree

Some Commentary - Anarchism in Sydney 1975-1981

1984 June 1984 and Social Control (Sydney)

Workshop List and commentary

Paper: The State and the Explanation of Nuclear Technology

1986 May Australian Anarchist Centenary Celebrations Conference (Melbourne)

Commentary: Bob James on 'A Lot to Celebrate' and Susi's report on the celebrations


Paper: Collective Organisation by John Englart

1986 Dec Anarchist Feminist Camp (Country Victoria)

Commentary: Anarcho-Feminist Celebrations Dec 5 to 12 1986 near Porepunka, Victoria

1989 June Beyond Social Control (Sydney)

List of decisions and proposals from the conference

1990 April Anarchist Organisation and Strategy (Melbourne)

Commentary, Papers and Reflections

1993 Anarcho Syndicalist Strategy Conference (Sydney)

1995 Jan Visions of Freedom (Sydney)


1995 April Life Begins with Revolt - Wellington Anarchist Conference

Report from The State Adversary

Anarchist Student Conference - La Trobe Uni (Melbourne)

Rebel Worker (May 1996): pre-conference call

1998 Mar Direct Action Jamboree - Collingwood (Melbourne)

Workshop List and Reports

1999 April Anarcho-Syndicalist Conference - Melbourne April 1999

Anarcho-Syndicalism into the 21st Century - Commentary from The Anarcho-Syndicalist No 2, September 1999

2001 April No Gods No Masters - Anarchist and Autonomous Conference (Melbourne)

Commentary, workshop list and banners

2001 July Red & Black Forum on Anti-Capitalist Currents (Sydney)

Critical thoughts on autonomism and comment - from Rebel Worker via AWOL list

2001 August Liberty Autonomy Solidarity: Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Conference (Wollongong)

Report of Conference
Thanks to Indymedia

2001 20-21 October 2001: An Anarchist Odyssey, Christchurch

Opening Address, Review and Final Plenary notes of this conference organised by the Anarchist Round Table in Christchurch.
Thanks to Thr@ll magazine -

2002 27-28 April From Resurgence to Insurgence. Sydney Anarchist & Autonomist Conference

Workshop List and Details
Thanks to Brett

2003 May Anarchy for Life.... Anarchist and Autonomous Conference (Brisbane)

Workshop list, Final Plenary minutes and two photos
See photos by Ronny at
See Photos by Moz

2003 4-7 Dec Anarchist Tea Party National Symposium, Aotearoa

See Photos (1, 2) from Aotearoa Indymedia

2004 23-27 January Anarcon 04. Anarchist & Autonomous Activist Conference Perth

Workshop List and Report
Thanks to Perth Indymedia

Pre 1975 Gatherings

In 1966 anarchists from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand, finding themselves in the same city, convened themselves as the Australia and New Zealand Anarchist Conference.

In November 1972 an anarchist conference was held in Melbourne, and in December a libertarian conference was held in Sydney. Out of the Melbourne conference came the Federation of Australian Anarchists Bulletin (FAAB), which survived for two issues during 1973. The Sydney conference was organized by the Sydney Libertarians and was essentially a forum for the presentation of papers and discussion.

Information on other anarchist gatherings in Australia should be sent to me for inclusion in future updates of this page.


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