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Community Action - Self Management Conference (1972)

There are a number of radical groups working in the community at the present moment, such as the Working People's Assocation in Victoria, Secondary Students Unions, Gay Liberation, Anarchist and Self Management organisations, Rank and File Union Groups and various communal co-operatives.

A national conference has been organized for the weekend of the 25TH and 26TH of November at Camp Eureka to discuss further the ideas of community action brought out at an Anarchist conference held at Melbourne University in March this year. The feeling at this conference was that the movement for fundamental change has failed to involve itself in 'everyday life' and the issues which directly concern people, oppressive legal systems, strait jacket education, patronizing welfare, authoritarian family structure, sexual, racial, cultural, environmental oppression and bureaucracy in general.

The aims of the conference are to co-ordinate and to develop activity between a diversity of groups acting in this way.

We believe the way to coat the various forms of oppression outlined above is to develop the individuals self confidence and autonomy. Individuals must develop faith in their ability to organize themselves before there can be revolutionary change. The emphasis will be on practical action such as:

1. Claimants Unions
2. Community Media
3. Free Schools
4. Food Cooperatives
5. Free Medical and Legal Advice
6. Lumpenproles Unions
7. Squatting, fighting housing commisions and organizing for direct action of all kinds.

Time will be available for general discussion of specific topics. Plenty of shelter, food will be available at cost price, but bring some to add to the communal pool. Bring your own utensils and sleeping gear - no electricity.

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