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Beyond Social Control Conference
Sydney 1989

June 10-11 1989 - Sydney
Letter to Anarchist Network Newsletter - October 1990

Dear people,
I'm not sure if you recall a decision taken at the Beyond Social Control Conference last year to set up a communications network, but this is the result. .... For the sake of convenience we decided to give ourselves a name, and have chosen the "Collective Awareness Network," or C.A.N. We must point out that we see ourselves only as a way for anarchist and radical groups to keep in touch and perhaps informed, and we do not have nor want to have any organisational or advisory powers.

We've decided to send this out .... to give you the list of decision and proposals taken or suggested at the conference last year before it becomes irrelevant. The following are those lists of proposals.

Proposals for Improvement of Conferences

  1. Less academia at conferences.
  2. Talk to audiences, don't read.
  3. More discussion time.
  4. Open meeting.
  5. Buy food for conferences that agrees with ideals.
  6. Set up our own communication networks and infrastructures.
  7. Include discussions of animal liberation, and homosexuality.
  8. Organised exchange of views over what is happening in other states.
  9. More action, less talk.
  10. Not so many things all at once.
  11. Problems with architecture.
  12. Papers in advance for people who want it, commonsense talk on the day.
  13. Incorporate analysis of power.

All these proposals are suggestions made at the Beyond Social Control Conference by those participating, and are not necessarily the views of C.A.N. or the organisers of the conference.

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