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Climate Change

I have been writing on the effects of human induced climate change, sea level rise, ocean acidification, environmental and social Impacts of global warming, and climate protests for the Indymedia Network since 2004 contributing primarily to Melbourne Indymedia (now defunct), Sydney Indymedia, San Fransisco Bay Area Indymedia, Australia Indymedia, Climate Indymedia and features to the Global Indymedia site The articles have been wideranging from latest scientific reports to climate protests.

Climate Change and Heatwaves in Melbourne

I published in February 2015 the literature review I started preparing during Higher Education Diploma of Tertiary Studies single subject study (Academic Research) at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2014. Climate change and heatwaves in Melbourne - a Review can be read on my blog, or downloaded as a PDF. The other two assessments of the subject were an annotated bibliography containing over 100 annotations and a formal classroom presentation, which was also published at slideshare. I received a high distinction for the subject overall.

Most recent articles from my Climate Citizen blog

2010 articles

Many of these links are now dead. They are kept here for archival reasons. Nearly all these articles going right back to 2004 have been included on my climate blog.

2009 articles

2008 articles

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2004 articles

Want to read more?

Visit some of these sites for more information on the sceptic campaign against climate science and climate action:

  • RealClimate blog - a blog by climate scientists discussing science in a very scientific way.
  • Climate progress by Joe Romm
  • Skeptical science: blog by John Cook, that answers the main denier arguments.
  • Deltoid: An Australian blog by scientist Tim Lambert - exposes the scientific holes in denier arguments.
  • Desmogblog - a Canadian blog exposing climate denier junk science and business links
  • Hot Topic - New Zealand science writer Gareth Renowden on climate science and denial arguments.
  • Grist 'How to talk to a climate sceptic'
  • Climate Science Watch: Former 'gagged' US climate scientist Rick Piltz follows the abuse of climate science
  • James Hansen is one of the world's foremost climate scientists - Read his 2009 book on climate science and climate policy: Storms of My Grandchildren The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity or to read his latest papers, articles and research visit Dr James E Hansen website at Columbia University

or try these books:

I now do a substantial amount of my soapboxing through photoessays on flickr and short videos of events on youtube. You can see my latest videos on Youtube below, and a random selection of photos from my flickr site. I sometimes add significant text descriptions and links to photos and videos to give contextual substance.

My videos from Youtube:


So where are we headed with current climate negotiations?

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