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Biblical Floods Begin 2011: Global Warming Is Real

"1/13/11: On ABC's Nightline, Cynthia McFadden introduces correspondent Jeffrey Koffman to discuss the biblical floods devastating Australia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Germany in the first weeks of 2011, following the disasters of 2010 including the wildfires of Russia and the floods of Pakistan. " [...] | Blog: Queensland's big wet, disastrous floods and climate change | La NiƱa brings torrential rain, floods to Philippines killing 42

Global Warming: Winter Weirding

"Climate deniers like to claim that cold weather over eastern north america and eurasia somehow contradicts a warming planet. In fact, scientists are now observing what may become a more frequent pattern, caused by declining northern sea ice - of frigid polar air being pushed out of the arctic regions, while warmer air is drawn to northern areas." [...] Blog: The Arctic Oscillation, the Northern Hemisphere big freeze and Climate Denial

Naomi Klein: Tuvalu and genocide; climate debt and reparation

Speaking on a panel at COP15 Copenhagen [...]

Plea from Tuvalu for Global climate action

"For us, continuing with business as usual means that within the next 10 to 20 years our land will become uninhabitable and our population of 12,000 people will be forced to relocate. This threatens our identity, our culture and our very existence. We are not the only ones." [...] Photo

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