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Selected as the Labour Website of the week (9 April 1998)
Leftist and "Progressive" Web Site of the Week: April 19 - April 25 1998

The War on the wharfies site Last Update: 26 October 1998
Radical Tradition - an Australasian History Page
Melbourne Anti-war protests 2003

My soapbox is currently on Climate Change

In 1998 I campaigned in support of the Maritime Union of Australia. Takver's Soapbox - War on the Wharfies website has been archived.

In 2003 I documented the Melbourne anti-war protests against the invasion and occupation of Iraq including many photos of demonstrations. Takver's Soapbox - Against War against Terrorism has also been archived. You can read an 80 page book as a PDF on the Antiwar/peace movement in Melbourne from 2001 to 2007: Against Terrorism, Against War. Melbourne Protests for Peace.

You can read many of my recent news and opinion articles at Melbourne Indymedia.

An interesting historical piece relvant to the present is Trial by Ordeal: a modern parable (PDF) by Robert Smith.

I now do a substantial amount of my soapboxing through photoessays on flickr and short videos of events on youtube. You can see my latest videos on Youtube below, and a random selection of photos from my flickr site. I sometimes add significant text descriptions and links to photos and videos to give contextual substance. : Random photos from Takver's photostream
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My latest videos from Youtube:


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