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Takver's Soapbox
My current news, issues and information page. Updated when I have a need to comment on current events. (It was daily during the war on the wharfies dispute in 1998.) Selected as the Labor website of the week, and Leftist and Progressive Site of the week during April 1998. Documented anti-war protests in Melbourne in 2003 against the invasion of Iraq. My climate soapbox lists articles I have written on climate change from 2004 to the present. I am curently posting to my Citizen Climate Blog. Also see:
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Radical Tradition
an Australian Radical History Web Page. focussing on libertarian and anarchist contributions in Australian History. Includes Takver's Soapbox - War on the Wharfies, my soapbox in support of the wharfies in 1998 - an excellent comprehensive resource covering all aspects of the dispute.

Takver's Anarres
Where the personal is the political! Information on myself and my personal interests. I was a member of the Anarres Books Collective from 1992-2008 when it disbanded. I enjoy listening to David Rovics.

Eric Burdon in Oz!
Documents Rock Legend Eric Burdon in his tours of Australia. Lots of photos, playlists, and essays.

Client Sites

Freemasons, Friendly Societies, & Trade Unions
Research by Dr Bob James on the important contribution made by mutual benefit societies. One of the few historians actively researching this area.

Merinda Epstein - A Consumer Activist's Guide To Mental Health In Australia
An important commentary on the mental health system in Australia by a mental health consumer and advocate.

Art and Social Life
A collection of exhibitions and reviews on art and politics including Art: The Alternative Tradition, a Virtual Exhibition by art historian Robert Smith.

My Union Right or Wrong.
A History of the Ship Painters and Dockers Union 1900 to 1932. By Issy Wyner. This history brings alive the spirit of radical democracy and mateship in the trade union movement in the first decades of the twentieth century.

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Eric Lee congratulates Takver - 10 September 1999 Eric Lee of External Link Labourstart congratulates Takver on his 'War on the Wharfies' website support of the Maritime Union of Australia during 1998

John Englart receives Eureka Australia Medal (EAM) Receiving Eureka Australia Medal from Dr Joseph Toscano on December 3, 2009 at Bakery Hill, Ballarat for social contributions in the spirit of the Eureka Oath - "We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties" - Photo and speech.

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Where does Takver come from?

Ursula Le Guin protests the war on Iraq
Ursula Le Guin protesting War on Iraq in Portland
7 December 2002

Source: External LinkPortland Indymedia

About Takver, Ursula Le Guin, and anarchism
I take my net name - Takver - from the novel The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin. The character of Takver is overshadowed by the protagonist, Shevek. The book is very much Shevek's story, yet the secondary characters, like Takver, Tirin, and Bedap, are just as important to the story and to Shevek's life. They are the ordinary people who strive for fullfillment in their lives with honesty, integrity and social conscience.

By adopting the name of Takver, I pay tribute to Ursula Le Guin and her humanism as a person and her skill and integrity as a writer. It is also an attempt to articulate that history is made by lots of ordinary people - not just governments, or the rich and famous.

Lastly, my use of Takver is an identification with the social vision of society on the planet Anarres encapsulated within The Dispossessed. I strive to live my life ethically, knowing it is how we live our lives - the processes that are important, rather than any single goals or ends we may achieve.

The anarchist society of Anarres, is a vision and a process I try to live to and aspire to. Read some personal details about me or some comments I have made on Ursula Le Guin, The Disspossessed, and Anarchism.


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External Linkthe-ekumen - A discussion list for fans of Ursula K. Le Guin

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