Art and Social Life
Various exhibitions at the Counihan Gallery

Käthe Kollwitz: Life and Art Exhibition 2007

A short virtual tour of this exhibition of the iconic and powerful work of Käthe Kollwitz. Artists influencing or influenced by Kollwitz were also included in the actual exhibition. The exhibition was launched by art historian Robert Smith, with a dedication in loving homage to Michelle Guglielmo who died during 2006, and who was the curator of the Counihan Gallery from 2002 to 2005.

Käthe Kollwitz 1867-1945 PASSION AND COMPASSION
2003 Exhibition

A free exhibition surveying the work of one of the most influential German printmakers of the twentieth century, at the Counihan Gallery, Brunswick Town Hall. Kollwitz was a passionate democrat and dissident, and maintained her faith in humankind through the Prussian ascendancy, two world wars, economic depression, and the Nazi era.

Art: The Alternative Tradition
2001 Exhibition

A Virtual Exhibition and Commentary on art and politics by art historian Robert Smith, presented in conjunction with an exhibition at the Counihan Gallery in 2001.

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