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Welcome to the Eric Burdon in Australia Home Page.

Eric Burdon and the New Animals toured Australia / New Zealand in November 2001! Check out the tour itinerary, photos and playlist. ....the music is not to be missed!

Also check out Eric Burdon's Official Website, which includes relevant links, lots of information and photos and a merchandise section with T-Shirts, Music CDs and a poster for sale over the net.

Eric Burdon and the New Animals toured Australia in March/April 2000! Check out the tour itinerary, photos, playlist and other details.

Details of Eric Burdon with the British Rock Symphony at Crown Casino in Melbourne from 15 November to 13 December 1998.

Eric Burdon first toured Australia with the Animals in April 1967, just two months before the famed Monterey Pop Festival that year.

In 1982 Eric Burdon brought his own band to Australia, which included Snuffy Walden on lead guitar, Terry Wilson on Bass, Ronnie Barron (?) on keyboards.

Further tours occurred in November 1984 and February 1986(?). I don't have memories of any of the concerts , although I'm sure I went to at least 3 or 4 of them in Sydney. What I do remember is the heat. February is high summer in Australia, and the humidity in Sydney can make the heat seem so much worse. I'm sure Eric felt the heat up on those stages - February proved not a good month to tour.

This webpage primarily details Eric Burdon's 1989 tour of Australia, which Paul Christie of the Party Boys put together with Australian musicians, the 1998 visit with the British Rock Symphony, and Eric Burdon and the New Animals more recent tours in 2000 and 2001.

House of the Rising Sun - in Midi format - 50kb!

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