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Moreland Peace Group
Coburg Rally and march
15 March 2003

Kids Listening to Speakers

The Moreland Peace Group organised a rally in Victoria St Mall in Coburg
on Saturday. Over 100 people attended this local event held in conjunction
with local actions happening all over the world, as well as Australia. There
were many kids like those pictured at the rally.

Quite a few people took the opportunity to sip cappucinos while listening
to several speakers.

Women for Peace protest

Reta Kaur, from Women for Peace made an impassioned
speech against war and the brutal effect of war on women
and children.

Muslims for Peace marching up Sydney Road

The Muslims for Peace banner marching up Sydney Road

Toddler with placard

Two and a half year old Tarryn marching for
Medicare not Missiles up Sydney Road.

Marching up Sydney Road

Moreland Peace Group banner leading the march up Sydney Road

Kelvin Thomson, Federal Member for Wills

The march continued around the shopping precinct, stopping briefly
outside the offices of local Federal member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson.
As it happenned, Kelvin Thomson was working inside and came out and
addressed the crowd and accompanied them back to the rallying point
in the mall.

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