Transport Workers Union Driver Safety, NSW Labor Council Support


N.S.W. Transport Workers Union reminds drivers on safety

The N.S.W. Branch of the Transport Workers Union condemns Patrick Stevedores for the Sacking of its workforce. The Union is concerned for the safety of its members who are directed to drive through industrial confrontations.

The T.W.U. reminds transport workers that under the occupational Health and Safety Act , if they genuinely believe they are in an unsafe environment , they may refuse to enter that unsafe area.

Labor Council of N.S.W. organises to support wharfies

Labor Council of N.S.W. , in responding to recent developments in the waterfront dispute , fully supports the campaign of the MUA in conjunction with the ACTU , to seek the reinstatement of all sacked Patrick employees. Council condemns the actions of the Federal Government and Patricks in conspiring to smash the MUA and the organised labour movement in Australia. These actions are contrary to the spirit and intent of Australias long traditions of settling industrial disputation by conciliation and arbitration.

As such they are plainly unAustralian , undemocratic and pose grave threat to the job security of all Australians.

Specifically , the Labor Council will:

  1. Liaise closely with the MUA and the ACTU on all aspects of the dispute.
  2. Convene an MUA Defence Committee of Senior N.S.W. officials to meet regularly in order to monitor developments , plan activities , supportive action and co-ordinate the N.S.W. union movement`s responses;
  3. Establish a N.S.W. Waterfront Family Support Trust Fund WITH AN INITIAL Labor council contribution of $25000 and a target of $500000 from N.S.W. unions and the general community. This fund will be administered by trustees and monitored and reviewed in accordance with future developments in the dispute.
  4. Encourage all affiliates to "adopt" M.U.A. families with financial support which may include specific support from union offices , workplaces, regions or Branches;
  5. Labor Council will allocate up to $50000, to underwrite the costs of:
    1. a media/public relations consultant to assist the MUA and NSW unions in the campaign
    2. a media campaign in defence of trade unionism , both in general media and specifically through Labor Council`s state wide media assets.
    3. preparation of generic publicity material for adaptation by individual affiliates for their particular membership needs.
    All Labor Council media strategies to be co-ordinated with the M.U.A. and the ACTU
  7. Co-ordinate the preparation,collection, distribution and signing of petitions opposing Patricks actions;
  8. Organise a meeting of union officials, organisers , activists and delegates to co-ordinate the N.S.W. contribution across all affiliates.

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