Patrick engaged in a corporate restructure in September 1997. Before the restructuring four companies in the Patrick Group operated a profitable Stevedoring business.

These companies:

In September 1997 a corporate restructure was secretly put in place

Flowchart: Government Waterfront reform strategy

The profit making stevedoring companies were restructured. They became labor hire companies devoid of equipment, devoid of the stevedoring business, devoid of port leases, devoid of money, and holding a $270m debt.

A secret labor hire contract was signed. Corrigan used a trap in the secret contract, that there be no interruption to work to circumvent Reith's own industrial laws. Legal industrial action to secure an enterprise agreement was used by Corrigan to terminate the contract.

The Patrick restructuring scam and secret contract allowed Patrick and Lang Corporation to effectively:

The Federal Government then said it would provide a guaranteed fund of $250m to pay out redundancy entitlements. This is the Government effectively paying $250m to the Lang Corporation and Patrick to cover for the $300m stripped out of the four stevedoring companies.

Picture: May 6 Rally in Melbourne

The Patrick workers are back in the gate but the corporate scam continues...

The asset stripped employment companies are in the hands of administrators.

The secret labor hire contract provides payment for the labor. These amounts are not enough to:

The intent of the corporate restructuring scam is to force:

Corrigan says the restructured companies ate not viable. Corrigan's scam was designed to make them not viable in order to circumvent legally enforceable wages and conditions and/or force liquidation and sacking of all the union members.

Picture: May 6 Rally in Melbourne The corporate restructuring scam is available for any business in the country to use to:

No Worker Is Safe

The Government has aided and abetted Conigan's manoeuvres to circumvent the law.

The $250m guaranteed by the Government is at best an inducement or, at worst a direct payment for breaching the law.

Produced by the Australian union movement

(Source: Email to Takver 1/6/98)


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