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Anarchist pedantry

Anarchist pedantry
Anarchist pedantry

Anarchist pedantry
Anarchist pedantry

My favourite cartoon is Wildcat. Wildcat is a cartoon creation of Donald Rooum. Wildcat is published fortnightly in Freedom, an anarchist fortnightly.

Wildcat has also been published as 4 cartoon books by Freedom Press.

The books are available from Freedom Bookshop in Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London, England. You can write to Freedom Press or Anarres Books for a complete catalog of titles available.

Wildcat Anarchist Comics, Rooum, Donald ISBN 0-900384-30-1, 48pp, Radical Graphic Arts, The first Wildcat comic book with some early incarnations of the revolting Pussycat.
Wildcat Strikes Again, Rooum, Donald ISBN 0-900384-47-6, 48pp, Radical Graphic Arts, More of the Revolting Pussycat, Free Range Egg Head and friends in their farcical social commentary. Includes Wildcat Fact Sheets and the Observer's guide to Governments.
Wildcat ABC of Bosses, Rooum, Donald ISBN 0-900384-60-3, 48pp, Radical Graphic Arts, Learn your ABC with the revolting Pussycat and friends as they explain the essence of anarchism and capitalism through surrealistic farce.
Health Service Wildcat, Rooum, Donald ISBN 0-900384-73-5, 48pp, Radical Graphic Arts, The revolting Pussycat and friends explain in graphic detail the absurdities of a health service run bureaucratically or for profit.
What is Anarchism? An Introduction, Rooum, Donald ISBN 0-900384-66-2, 74pp, Anarchism, Donald Rooum is perhaps best known for his Wildcat cartoons appearing in Freedom. Donald has written a good introduction to anarchism, briefly covering the many aspects of anarchist theory and practice. The second part of the book contains brief essays by several well known anarchist writers. Highly recommended as an introductory text.

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