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'Labor Song' or 'Hear Tigers Snarl'
Arthur Desmond, in the 'Commonweal and Workers Advocate' January, 1893.

Arthur Desmond This man is the most mysterious of the 'agitator' group in Sydney in the period 1892-95, even his 'name' is questioned. He appears to have been a journalist, failed politician and union organiser in New Zealand (see "Arthur Desmond" in Trouble Makers) before arriving in Sydney, where he seems to have produced 'Hard Cash' and 'Standard Bearer' two small newletters detailing the financial corruption of banks and public figures at a time of great economic and industrial unrest. He wrote hundreds of poems, worked as a labor organiser, helped to produce 'New Order' for 'Billy' Hughes (future PM) and drafted 'Might is Right', a fierce polemic which, it is said, went to numerous editions overseas. When he fled arrest in Sydney he left behind a mixed bag of mythology and suspicion about hooded conspirators, armed groups and 'undying hostility for class traitors.'

There, the poem is said to be from the Wagga 'Worker' (i.e. the 'Hummer') where it was said to have been circulated, signed 'No 7', in the NSW Parliament, accompanied by the statement, 'If you vote for the Government, you vote for your own coffin political.' The occasion was a vote of censure debate.

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