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LEFT, LEFT- Moralism and the CPA
- the 1962 Peace March

Provided by the Question Mark Collective as part of a forthcoming anthology on Australian Troublemakers to be published by Melbourne based Scam Publications.

Any account of past radicalism invariably must involve the Communist Party of Australia. As the largest organisation on the extra parliamentary left the CPA attracted many of Australia's most able radicals and gave them a direction to follow. Unfortunately the authoritarian character of the Party and its love for all things Soviet often meant that this direction was horribly flawed. The Party's drive for respectability in the 1950s and 1960s also meant that it began to ostracise its more interesting and "larrikin" sympathisers. Many of the group's otherwise worthy activities were marred by these tendencies as the following account by Miss J.A goes to show.

This article originally appeared in the Libertarian journal Broadsheet in 1962.

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