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My Union Right or Wrong
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Peter Siminoff

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"...first Consul from the new USSR to Australia, bringing credentials signed by Leon Trotsky, which the Hughes Government refused to recognise. (see Appendix 8 (8). He was gaoled during 1919 for having engaged in anti-war propaganda. He would undoubtedly have had some influence in the early discussions in 1919, on forming an organisation sympathetic to and supportive of the Communist Party in Russia but also holding to a true Australian flavour. Joe Harris notes that after his return to Russia in 1921,

It is thought that he was shot with many other old Bolsheviks in the purges in the 1930s." (The Bitter Fight, Joe Harris, p.264.)

from Chapter 19 and also see Appendix 8(8)

My Union Right or Wrong.
A history of the Ship Painters and Dockers Union 1900-1932
By Issy Wyner