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Captain T.S.Rowntree

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Captain T.S.Rowntree.

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The foundation stone of the dry dock (Mort’s Dock) at Waterview Bay (Balmain) was laid in 1854 by T S Mort, Captain T S Rountree and J S Mitchell, trading as Rountree & Co. In 1861 Mort became the sole owner, expanding the dock and establishing an engineering works. Partnership with Thomas Macarthur 1866-69. After a brief attempt to work joint ownership with his employee’s, Mort formed Mort’s Dock and Engineering Co Ltd in 1875. A floating dock was constructed in the 1880s and another large dry dock at Woolwich in the 1890s. The company had a chequered career in the first half of the twentieth century and was liquidated in 1961.

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My Union Right or Wrong.
A history of the Ship Painters and Dockers Union 1900-1932
By Issy Wyner