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My Union Right or Wrong.
A history of the Ship Painters and Dockers Union 1900-1932
By Issy Wyner


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Appendix 1: Notice to all Captains and Owners of vessels entering Dry Dock

The following notice, issued to all Captains and Owners of vessels entering dry dock, was that issued for the docking of the S.S. Balmain on 23rd March, 1903, by J P Franki (Manager) on behalf of Mort's Dock and Engineering Company, Limited, stating

Gentlemen, We beg respectfully to call your attention to the within Rules and regulations having reference to the reception of vessels into our Dry Dock.

We are, gentlemen, your obedient servant

Then appear the rates charged for docking "unless under special contract" commencing with the rate for vessels of 4000 tons and under, 6d. net per ton, for first day or part of a day; then 4d. net per ton, second day and each succeeding day, or part thereof. Conditions for entry include

...when over five loads of barnacles, &c., are removed from a vessel's bottom, the cost of removing same from Dock to Hopper and thence to sea will be charged in addition to the above-mentioned charges for rubbish, &c.

.... No outside labour other than that supplied by the Dock Company shall be employed on the vessel whilst in the Dock without the consent of the Manager

.... In the event of any alteration being made in the trim of a vessel while she is in Dock, either by letting water out of, or pumping water into, boiler, or ballast tanks, or by shifting cargo, which would make the trim of the vessel different to what it was when she was docked, thereby causing her to list when floated and shift the keel blocks, the ship will be charged with the expense of a Diver to inspect and adjust the blocks and, if necessary, for the pumping out of Dock and preparing blocks....

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