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Against Terrorism, Against War
Melbourne Protests for Peace

An index of protests from September to December 2001.

Stop the War
The crashing of planes into the World Trade Centre in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington, on September 11, 2001 is to be condemned as a crime against humanity. The perpetrators of this horror should be pursued and brought to justice through the United Nations and under international law.

Instead we see the USA Government intent on vengeance, and launching a sustained attack on one of the most impoverished and war torn countries - Afghanistan. The war on Afghanistan is an abrogation of international law and justice and is clearly illegal. The Howard Liberal / National Party Coalition Government has committed Australia to fully support, politically and militarily, the USA's act of vengeance outside of international law. The Labor Party opposition fully supports the Government on this issue. For International legal issues read what the Australian Section of the International Commission of Jurists have to say on the Appropriate Response of the UN to the Attacks on the USA.

Meanwhile the 'War on Terrorism' is being used as an excuse to introduce draconian laws which threaten democratic rights in the USA, UK, Canada, and in Australia (New ASIO Powers threaten Democratic Rights) and many other countries. Members of the Australian Legal proffession are concerned (A Police State is not the answer) with the forshadowed anti-terrorist legislation. Some suggest Conscription in Australia is a real possibility.

There are many arguments beining put forward that Bush and executive members of the USA administration and the CIA were complicit to varying degrees in the terrorist actions on September 11:

Now it seems the USA is about to imitate the hardline stance of Australia of imprisoning refugees in Pacific concentration camps. There is speculation that the USA is constructing a prison on the island of Tinia near Guam to hold enemies of the new world order. Read about when ‘Anti-terrorist’ legislation meets the ‘Pacific solution’ -- and it’s not pretty.

Read what an Australian futurist has to say on the September 11 terrorist attack at and what might be written about these tragic events in 2051.

Melbourne Protests:

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