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Lawyers Against war protest in Melbourne
27 March 2003

Melbourne lawyers and legal workers rallied outside the Supreme Court of Victoria against a war they declared to be illegal and immoral. The crowwd overflowed onto William street blocking traffic.

Legal proffessionals gather outside the Supreme Court
Legal proffessionals gather outside the Supreme Court

Thursday 27 March
Melbourne Lawyers and legal workers rally against war

Several hundred Lawyers and legal workers rallied outside the Supreme Court of Victoria on Thursday in opposition to the war on Iraq. A number of speakers emphasised that this war is immoral, illegal and contrary to international law.

Melbourne University international law Professor Gillian Triggs said the only legal justification for war is self-defence or the support of the United Nations.

"I've read with as much objectivity as I can manage the 17 Security Council resolutions since 1990 and I can honestly say that there is no authorisation for the unilateral use of force in the absence of a further Security Council resolution," she said, according to the ABC online report.

Other speakers pointed out the need for the legal community to defend protestors such as those in Sydney who were arrested yesterday.

People overflowed the footpath and blocked traffic on William street outside the Supreme Court from 1.15pm till shortly after 2pm when the rally ended. There were no arrests!

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Panorama Photo
Panorama Photo showing crowd

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