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Melbourne Students march against war!
5 March 2003

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Mar 5 2003
2:00:30 pm
Students in front of the State Library
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Panorama: Students in front of the State Library, Melbourne
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Mar 5 2003
1:43:35 pm
2 wrongs don't make a right banner
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Mar 5 2003
1:47:32 pm
Our lives have just begun, don't end them with a gun.... banner
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Mar 5 2003
1:48:11 pm
War is Disease Peace is the Cure
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Mar 5 2003
1:58:08 pm
We are all terrorists banner
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Mar 5 2003
2:00:54 pm
placards on Swanston Street
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Mar 5 2003
2:02:06 pm
Footscray College anti-war banner
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Mar 5 2003
2:03:03 pm
There is no oil in Korea
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Mar 5 2003
2:15:24 pm
Books not Bombs
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Mar 5 2003
2:17:39 pm
Crowd scene looking at Melbourne Central
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Mar 5 2003
2:18:54 pm
war is not the way

A carnival atmosphere pervaded the school students outside the State Library in Melbourne today. Many of the students were present in school uniform with home made banners and placards opposing the war on Iraq.

Estimates of the crowd ranged from 2,000 (the police) to 7,000 (the organisers) I thought there were about 4,000 people present. Most of them were high school students, with a small sprinkling of university/TAFE students and supportive adults.

Some of the banners said: "Our lives have just begun, don't end them with a gun"; "2 wrongs don't make it right So why r we going 2 fight"; "War is disease peace is the cure"; "We are all terrorists"; "War is not the way"; "There is no oil in Korea" on an American flag; and of course "Books Not Bombs"; and "No War".

After hearing several speakers the students marched to Parliament House in Spring Street.

In other cities around the country students turned out to protest. This included more than 10,000 in Sydney, 7,000 in Adelaide, 1,000 in Canberra and hundreds more in Brisbane, Hobart, Darwin and other regional centres.


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