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May's Anarchic Days (1970)

Question: Why do you work an eight hour day?
Answer: Because you don't work a fifteen hour day?

But is an eight hour day congenial? Do you feel it really doing you good?

It must be good: you have been doing it for seventy-five years ... real groovy...

IN THE BEGINNING (1886 A.D.) there was the McCormick Harvester Works, the strike, the scabs, the cops, the bodies of slain workers, the 'REVENGE' circular, Haymarket Square, the bomb, the four aged anarchists, (the fifth blew his head off with dynamite), the International, the eight hour day movement, the May 1st demonstrations, the flags, the solidarity, and the laughter of children. What remains???

. . . . . and a Sunday perambulation.
(This year, May 3rd they tell us, massive Manifestation of Working Class Solidarity?)

What were once the tasks of workers' movements are now the tasks of all. These are the destruction of hierachy and privilege, great and petty. The destruction of an industrial system, which, from the Urals to the Dandenongs, transforms the products of nature into the wastes of society, the free gifts of God into the false gods of MAN. All that we produce becomes garbage (?) . Why make eight hours of garbage a day? It would be easier to dispose of two hours worth. The classical economists proclaimed the concept of socially useful work. We have discovered socially useless work. It is what most of us do.


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