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Constitution of The Revolutionary Emancipists
Against State Oppression and Nationalism
(T.R.E.A.S.O.N.) (1966)

(TREASON was formed in May 1966 by members of Melbourne University Campaign Against Conscription, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Abschol. After 1970 it became known as the Melbourne University Anarchists).

1. NAME:
As above; accepted abbreviation "T.R.E.A.S.O.N."

2. AIMS:
To provide a forum for Pacifist, Anarchist and Libertarian opinions; to spread these by propaganda and action.

The club is an affiliated club under Clause C of Section 3 of the Regulations of the Union pertaining to such clubs, and anything in this Constitution or any act of the club or its officers which is inconsistent with the said regulation shall be null and void insofar as it is inconsistent.


  1. Is open to students and ex-students of Melbourne University who concur with its aims and pay a membership fee of 10c.
  2. Is open to all other students (Fee: 15c.) and members of the community (Fee: 20c.), who concur with its claims.
  3. Honorary permanent membership may be conferred upon individuals, alive or deceased, from time to time as the club sees fit.


  1. There shall be a financial committee elected by the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year.
  2. There shall be a secretary elected for a two month period.
  3. The chairman shall be designated by the previous meeting or failing this by the secretary or committee.
  4. For any projects those members supporting them will be considered as an automonous, fully responsible committee.


  1. General Meetings will be at least bi-monthly. They may be called at the committee's discretion or on petition by ten members notice and agenda being posted 5 academic days beforehand, except in case of an "EMERGENCY" in which case a meeting may be called at one days notice. (Members being phoned if possible.) Notwithstanding the above, a meeting of more than 7 members for which minutes are kept may be designated an "EXTRA-ORDINARY" General Meeting by the following General Meeting.
  2. The notice and agenda of the Annual General Meeting shall be posted on the club noticeboard a fortnight in advance. This will include the financial and secretarial reports.
  3. Committee Meetings are to be open and held fortnightly with 3 days notice. If necessary they may be held with 1 days notice.


  1. Constitutional change will be by simple majority at a General Meeting a quorum being the smaller of 50% or 15 of the members.
  2. All other issues will be decided by a majority of those voting.

The funds will be kept in a savings account under the club's name and the signatures of the secretary and financial committee. Funds will be drawn on the secretary's and one other signature. Members may only incur debts beyond assets on the basis of personal responsibility. A Petty Cash fund up to $10 may be kept.

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