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Interview with Julie New -
Stop the F19 Freeway Campaign Melbourne

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Provided by the Question Mark Collective as part of a forthcoming anthology on Australian Troublemakers to be published by Melbourne based Scam Publications.

During the 1970s the inner city areas of Carlton and Fitzroy played host to a series of social struggles. A coalition of older residents, politico's and trendies came together to fight against government and developer plans to destroy the area. Union green bans, occupations and protests saw a series of compulsory demolitions and evictions contested and in some cases defeated.

In 197? the state government announced its plan to demolish a number of residential homes to make way for the construction of the F-19 freeway. This decision further united locals in their fight against the state's undemocratic planning processes. In the next ? the anti-freeway struggle saw numerous demonstrations and actions culminate in the building of a brick wall and barricade across the proposed freeway site. Although this blockade was eventually broken and the freeway finished the protests did achieve victories wider afield with proposed extensions cancelled and planning processes reviewed. The following recollections of events are drawn from an interview with local resident Julie New.

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