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Bibliography of Anarchism & Syndicalism
in Australia & Aotearoa / New Zealand

by Michael Vaux

This is by necessity a work in progress, part of a wider ongoing project on a bibliography on anarchism. Later versions will include sections on pamphlets and serials, as well as a larger section on the influence of anarchist thought in and on Australian culture and society.

Michael Vaux - March 2000

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Anarchism in Australia - articles.

V. Burgmann; "One hundred years of anarchism", Arena, no. 74, (1986) pp. 104-114.

V. Burgmann; "Racism, socialism and the labour movement, 1887-1917", Labour History, no. 47, (November 1984) pp. 39-54.

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S. Wright; "Left communism in Australia: J.A. Dawson and the ‘Southern Advocate For Worker’s Councils’ ", Thesis Eleven, no. 1, (1980) pp. 43-77.

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Anarchism in Australia - book-sections.

P. Avrich; "An Australian anarchist: J.W. Fleming", in his ‘Anarchist Portraits’, (Princeton, NJ.: Princeton University Press, 1988) pp. 260-268.

G. Brown; "The theoreticians", in his ‘My Descent From Soapbox To Senate’, (Sydney: George Brown, 1953) pp. 108-118.

V. Burgmann, "The mightier pen: W.R. Winspear", in E.C. Fry(editor), ‘Rebels And Radicals’, (Sydney: Allen And Unwin, 1982) pp. 163-177.

G. Cresciani; "Italian anti-fascism in Australia, 1922-1945", in E.L. Wheelwright & K. Buckley (editors), ‘Essays In The Political Economy Of Australian Capitalism: Volume 3’, (Sydney: Australian And New Zealand Book Company, 1979) pp. 86-101.

G. Cresciani; A section on Italian immigrant anarchists and anti-fascism in Australia, in his ‘Fascism, Anti-Fascism And Italian Immigrants In Australia’, (Canberra: Australian National University Press, 1979) pp. 97-115.

P. Ford; " ‘To free the world of anarchy’ ", in his ‘Cardinal Moran And The A.L.P.’, (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1966) pp. 169-173.

W.M. Hughes; "Adolf the anarchist", in his ‘Crusts And Crusades’, (Sydney: Angus And Robertson, 1948) pp. 155-160.

B. James, "Labour banners: what can they tell us?", in J.E. Martin & K. Taylor (editors), ‘Culture And The Labour Movement: essays in Australian and New Zealand labour history’, (Auckland: Dunmore Press, 1991) pp. 225-243.

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Anarchism in Australia — Books.

J.A. Andrews (edited by B. James); ‘What Is Communism?’ And Other Anarchist Essays (Canberra: Backyard Press, 1984).

V. Burgmann; ‘In Our Time’: socialism and the rise of labor, 1885-1905 (Sydney: Allen And Unwin, 1985).

B. James; Anarchism And State Violence In Sydney And In Melbourne, 1886-1896: an argument about Australian labor history (Newcastle East: Bob James, 1986) (First two chapters only)

B. James (editor); Anarchism In Australia, An Anthology: prepared for the Australian Anarchist Centennial Celebration, Melbourne, 1-4 May 1986 (Newcastle East: Bob James, 1986).

B. James (editor); A Reader Of Australian Anarchism, 1886-1896 (Canberra: Canberra Press, 1980).

‘Practical Hooligan Publications’ (editors); How To Make Trouble And Influence People: Australasian pranks, hoaxes and practical mischief making (Brunswick Lower: SCAM Publications, 1996).

‘The Question Mark Collective’ (editors); How To Stop Whining And Start Living: how to make trouble and influence people, part 2 (Brunswick Lower: SCAM Publications, 1998).

J. Toscano and others (editors); "Anarchy Is Order, Government Is Chaos": Australian Anarchist Centenary Celebration Documentation Group, 1st-4th May 1986, Volume One (Melbourne: Australian Anarchist Centenary Celebration Documentation Group, 1986), which includes the following items indexed seperately here:

  • B. James, "A lot to celebrate", pp. 32-35
  • B. James, "The importance of May Day to Australian anarchists", pp. 38-43
  • "May Day procession ...", pp. 60-93
  • "Displays, banners and posters", pp. 95-102
  • "Anarchist Film Festival", pp. 111-142
  • "Mass media newspaper reports", pp. 148-157

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Anarchism in Australia - Dissertations.

V. Burgmann; "Revolutionaries and racists: Australian socialism and the problem of racism, 1887-1917", Ph.D., Australian National University, 1980.

B. James; "Anarchism and political violence in Sydney and Melbourne, 1886-1896", M.A., La Trobe University, 1984.

S. Lazarus-Eastop; "Contemporary Australian anarchism: the Melbourne Anarchist Centre", B.A., Melbourne University, 1983.

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Anarchism in Australia: social and cultural influence.

N.B. Albinski; "New arcadias: cooperative movements of the Nineties, as shown in literature of the period", Margin, no. 15, (1985) pp. 19-24.

N.B. Albinski; "Visions of the 'nineties' ", Journal Of Australian Studies, no. 20, (May 1987) pp. 12-22.

D. Anderson; Review of Coombs (1996), Voices (Canberra), 7, (Autumn 1997) pp. 121-125.

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A. Ashbolt; "Cultural and radical politics", Arena, no. 63, (1983) pp. 53-60.

W. Bacon; "From P.L.C. to 'Thor' ", in J. De Lissa (editor), 'Uni-Sex', (Dee Why: Eclipse Publications, 1972) pp. 43-65.

A.J. Baker; "Sydney Libertarianism: a critical comment", Politics (Australia), 8, (November 1973) pp. 364-366.

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D. Horne; "Summer of an anarchist", in his ‘The Education Of Young Donald’, (Ringwood: Penguin Books, 1988) pp. 233-244, [Originally 1967] and also in his:

‘An Interrupted Life’, (Pymble: Harper Collins, 1998) pp. 254-267.

A. Kaighin; " 'The discipline of indiscipline': libertarianism and the 'New Class' ", U.T.S. Review, 2, (May 1996) pp. 88-118.

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P. White; "Sydney Libertarianism: a history and critique", B.Ec., Sydney University, 1980.

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IWW in Australia: Articles.

G. Adler; "The IWW and the fight against imperialist war", Socialist Worker, 1, (Winter 1978) pp. 40-45.

M. Armstrong; "Australia 1917: from world war to class war", Socialist Review, no. 4, (Winter 1991) pp. 97-111.

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IWW in Australia - book-sections.

I. Bedford; "The ‘One Big Union’, 1918-1923", in R.N. Spann (editor), ‘Initiative And Organization: Sydney Studies In Politics, no. 3’, (Melbourne: Cheshire, 1963) pp. 5-43.

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Federation Of Australia’, (Sydney: Miners’ Federation Of Australia, 1970) pp. 171-246.

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B. Walker; "The IWW", in her ‘Solidarity Forever’, (Melbourne: National Press, 1972) pp. 126-134.

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IWW in Australia - Books

V. Burgmann; Revolutionary Industrial Unionism: the Industrial Workers Of The World in Australia (Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 1995).

F.M. Cain; The Wobblies At War: a history of the IWW and the Great War in Australia (Melbourne: Spectrum Publications, 1993).

R. Evans; Loyalty And Disloyalty: social conflict on the Queensland home front, 1914-1918 (Sydney: Allen And Unwin, 1987).

R. Evans; The Red Flag Riots (Brisbane: University Of Queensland Press, 1988).

F. Farrell; International Socialism And Australian Labour: the Left in Australia, 1919-1939 (Sydney: Hale And Iremonger, 1981).

J. McNair & T. Poole (editors); Russia And The Fifth Continent (Brisbane: University Of Queensland Press, 1992), with sections:

E. Fried, "The first consul: Peter Simonoff and the formation of the Australian Communist Party", pp. 110-125,

R. Evans, " ‘Agitation, ceaseless agitation’: Russian radicals in Australia and the Red Flag riots", pp. 126-171.

M. Miller (editor V. Williams); Eureka And Beyond: Monty Miller, his own story (Willagee: Lone Hand Press, 1988).

I. Turner; Sydney’s Burning! an Australian political conspiracy (Alpha Books, Australia, 1969). [Originally 1967]

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IWW in Australia - dissertations.

I. Bedford; "The One Big Union, 1918-1923: the last days of revolutionary syndicalism in Australia", B.A., Sydney University, 1961.

A. Birch; " ‘The Wobblies vs the rest’: the Industrial Workers of the World in Australia during the Great War", B.A., University Of Melbourne, 1991.

F.M. Cain; "The origins of political surveillance, 1916-1932: reactions to radicalism during and after the First World War", Ph.D., Monash University, 1979.

R. Evans; "Loyalty and disloyalty: social conflict on the Queensland home front, 1914- 1918", Ph.D., University Of Queensland, 1982.

D.W. Hunt; "A history of the labour movement in north Queensland: trade unionism, politics and industrial conflict, 1900-1920", Ph.D., University Of Queensland, 1979.

M. Karabogias; "Fanning the flames of discontent: the success of the Industrial Workers of the World in Australia", B.A., Australian National University, 1985.

J. Lawrence; "The IWW, guild socialism and the A.L.P.'s socialization objective of 1921", B.A., Sydney University, 1974.

P.J. Rushton; "The Industrial Workers of the World in Sydney, 1913-1917: a study in revolutionary ideology and practice", M.A., Sydney University, 1969.

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Syndicalism and the IWW in Aotearoa / New Zealand - Articles

D.W. Crowley; "An outline history of the New Zealand labour movement, 1894-1913", Historical Studies, 4, (May 1951) pp. 367-372.

J.E. LeRossignol; "The general strike in New Zealand", American Economic Review (US), 4, (June 1914) pp. 293-303.

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H.H. Lusk; "An experiment in syndicalism", Unpopular Review (US), 2, (July 1914) pp. 29-44.

E. Olssen; "The 'Red Feds' ", New Zealand's Heritage (New Zealand), no. 74, (1973) pp. 2066- 2072.

H.O. Roth; "American influences on the New Zealand labour movement", Historical Studies, 9, (May 1961) pp. 413-420.

W.H. Trigg; "Syndicalism in New Zealand", Quarterly Review (UK), 221, (July 1914) pp. 200- 215.

Syndicalism and the IWW in Aotearoa / New Zealand - Book-sections

E. Olssen; "Industrial defeat and the growth of the IWW", in his 'The 'Red Feds': revolutionary industrial unionism and the New Zealand Federation Of Labour, 1908-1914', (Melbourne & Auckland: Oxford University Press, 1988) pp. 124-134.

E. Olssen; "Some reflections about the origins of the 'Red' Federation Of Labour, 1908-1913", in E.C. Fry (editor), 'Common Cause: essays in Australian and New Zealand labour history', (Sydney: Allen And Unwin, & Auckland: Port Nicholson Press, 1986) pp. 27-41.

L. Richardson; "Syndicalism, communism and recession", in his 'Coal, Class And Community', (Auckland: auckland University Press, 1995) pp. 185-221.

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