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925 - poetry magazine about work (1978-1983)

925 work poetry magazine (1980)
925 poetry magazine about work (1980)

In Melbourne, some twenty issues of a free poetry magazine - 925 - were published in the five years from 1978 to 1983. The magazine focussed on the poetry, prose, photos and drawings of everyday life and work. As P O (Pi.O) described in the editorial in the first issue:

The magazine started out with a 500 copy print run, increasing to 3000 copies at the end. It was always given freely to subscribers (all donations accepted), with a small charge for purchase from bookshops. Production and printing was financed by a core group of people. Many of the regular contributors, including P O and Thalia, have also contributed to the anarchist movement in Melbourne, and 925 provided a medium for promoting working class culture and initiative in the arts. 925 enabled poets to gain access to radio, both in the public broadcasting sector and national radio via the ABC, and to Arts festivals, prisons, and workplaces. Although the subject was 'work', it was always stressed that this included the experience of being unemployed or housework.

Certainly any comprehensive coverage of Australian poetry needs to give recognition to the contribution of 925. By articulating the nature of work in Australia, the poets of 925 have contributed to the radical tradition in Australia.

Takver, November 1999

Postage Paid Stamp from Issue 4

Postage Paid Stamp from Issue 4

The poem the Australian Broadcasting Corporation banned from airplay!

The poem the Australian Broadcasting Corporation banned from airplay! by Jas H. Duke

ABC censors 925

In January-February 1981 the Australian Broadcasting Corporation put to air on radio 6 programs of readings by 925 poets. All the performers were paid for their segment. One pre-recorded program never went to air but a substitute program was made up from one of the other poets from outtakes from the studio to replace the segment by Jas H. Duke.

P O wrote the editorial in Issue 10:
"Jas H. Duke in the 4th issue of 925 submitted a poem about his work....The poem had to do with the relationship his work has/had on the general public/community. His poem was a brave attempt at 'demystifying' the phobia & myth surrounding both his work & the word: shit. It was printed in 925 as he was an expert in his field. As Jas H. Duke said about the poem:"

The producers of 925 protested in person to the ABC and were told that the reason the program was never aired was because it may offend some members of the public. Readers of 925 were urged to protest to the ABC. The poem was subsequently read on a number of public radio stations, and was part published in The Age newspaper.

Some 925 Covers

925 Issue One (1978)
925 Issue One (1978)
925 Issue 8 (1980)
925 Issue Eight (1980)
925 Issue 10 (1981)
925 Issue Ten (1981)
925 Issue 11 (1981)
925 Issue Eleven (1981)
925 Issue 14 (1982)
925 Issue Fourteen (1982)
925 Issue 15 (1982)
925 Issue Fifteen (1982)
925 Issue 16 (1982)
925 Issue Sixteen (1982)
925 Issue 19 (1983)
925 Issue Nineteen (1983)

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